上場日: 2017-10-22

Name: Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Nuclear 1 Recombinant Antigen

Catalog No.: GECEBVI101

Lot No.: 170508

Manufacturing Date: 20170508

Expiry Date: 20200508

Specificity: EBNA-1

Format: Liquid

Purity: 95% by SDS-PAGE

Expression System: E.coli

Molecular Weight: 26.2KDa

Concentration: 1.29mg/ml

Supply in: 10mMPB,0.01%SDS PH7.4

Applications: Coating in Indirect EIA

Storage: Within 2 weeks: 2-8℃;More than 2 weeks: -20±5℃

Unit: Can be packed on the basis of your request


This product is intended for research and manufacturing uses only. It is not a diagnostic device. Product degradation will result from multiple freeze/thaw cycles. It is suggested that the antigen be stored in use size aliquots and thawed just prior to use. This material has been inactivated, however as with all biological materials, it should be handled as potentially infectious. The user assumes all responsibility for care, custody and control of the material, including its disposal, in accordance with all regulations. 

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